Zoo Photography
Limited and Open Edition prints available 
of the various Zoo Animals found on this site.
Many tips on capturing exceptional photographs 
of the various Zoo residence are also available.

Black Swan on nest

Flamigo- Fine Art Limited Edition Print

Click here for Snow Monkey photograph

Snow Leopard - Fine Art Limited Edition Print

New born Giraffe-Touching Moment Limited Edition Print, Click Here

Sea Lion

Fine Art Limited Edition Print

Giant Day Geckos

Wallaby and Joey

Male African Lion

Siberian Tiger - Fine Art Print

Female African Lion

Fine Art Print - Flamingo

Cheetah Resting


Grevy's Zebras


  Reflective Images/GDT  1997 - 2003

All images in this gallery were captured and 
produced with the following equipment:
    Cameras: Nikon F4s and N90s
                                                   Lens: Nikor 20mm to 500F4 and teleconverters (1.4 & 2x) 
                  Tripod: Gitzo 320 with Bogen Ballhead 
Film: Fuji Velvia (50)  Provia 100F          
Scanner: Nikon Coolscan 4000
  Imaging Software: Adobe 7.0 

For more information on these Limited & Open Edition Prints,
please contact Reflective Images at the following:

Phone: (515) 964-7815

Archival mats and archival matting material are only used.
Conservation type glass is UV corrected and Non - glare.

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Zoo Photography Gallery

Nature Photography by Gary D.Tonhouse

Snow Leopard and Zoo Photography Tips