George Memorial
March 1986 to January 24, 2004
In loving Memory

As usual, George is the center of attention.
The Christmas Holiday season was Georges favorite time of year. 
He loved the Christmas Tree and all of sparkly ribbons, bows and presents.
He pretty much claimed all that was under his tree for his own. 
He rested under the tree for hours on end.

This was one of his favorite times during the holidays - the opening of the presents.
It was also Jackie's way of keeping our buddy fit and trim doing the ribbon ritual.

Bubba and his buddy George. 
Notice the intensity in both of their eyes.

George taking a moment to think through a matter and to regroup.
Notice the deep concentration on his stately face. 
The Snuggle Bug just about got the best of him. 

George also liked to be called BABY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!
This was one of my wife's favorite names for him.
Notice how his ears are perked up. He new it was time to dine.

Georges favorite past time during the holidays  ... the traditional ribbon ritual.
George is now training Jackie to properly hold the ribbon for him.