Grizzly Bear

 Nature Photography by Gary D. Tonhouse
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Reflective Images/GDT 1997-2003

Watchful Eye - Grizzly Bear

Sizes: Height: Average of 7 ft.
Weight: Varies from 325-850 lb.
Breeding: Maturity: Males 4 years, Females 3 years
Mating: May-July
Gestation: 6 months
No. of Young: Usually 2 cubs, occasionally 3, rarely 4
Lifestyle: Habit: Solitary, but sometimes seen with family.
Diet: Wide Variety of fruits, berries, bulbs, tubers, and nuts;  also insects and grubs, honey, fish,  rodents, and lizards.
Lifespan: In wild, 15-34 years.  Maximum of 47 years in captivity.


Equipment used to capture this image:
Camera: Nikon F4s
      Lens: Nikor 500mm F4
Tripod: Gitzo 320   
      Film:  Fuji Provia 100F
                   Scanner: Nikon Coolscan 4000
                 Imaging Software: Adobe 7.0 

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Nature Photography by Gary D.Tonhouse

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