Wild Four-O'clocks.
Flora & Fauna of the Tallgrass Prairies
Nature Photography by Gary D.Tonhouse

Wild four o'clocks and moth

  Gary D.Tonhouse 1996-2012

Wild Four-O'clocks and moth.
Mirabilis Nyctaginea
Four-o'clock family (Nyctaginaceae)

Blooms spring to early fall.
Found in upland prairies throughout the Tallgrass prairie region.
This flower and moth were captured on a private prairie in central Iowa. 
This moth was very lethargic from the early morning coolness.
I was able to make several photos before the moth warmed up and flew away.

Equipment used to capture this image.
Nikon F4s
Nikor 105 Macro lens
Gitzo Tripod: Bogen Ball head
Film:  Fuji Provia (100)

Camera was set up at about 40 inches
above the ground.
An aperture of around F5.6 was used.
Using this aperture helps to draw your attention
to the flowers an moth only. 
The background has gone soft and shows little detail. All attention is focused on the flowers.


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