Tallgrass Prairie Photography
Queen of the Prairie

Nature Photography by Gary D.Tonhouse

Queen of the Prairie - Filipendula rubra ... Click here for additional photograph

 Gary D. Tonhouse 1997 - 2012

Queen of the Prairie
Rose family ( Rosaceae )

Blooms early - midsummer
The plant is rare and is found in moist 
prairies, swampy prairie seeps, and fens.

Early settlers and Native Americans used the plant for 
a variety of purposes: arthritis, fevers and skin ailments.

Equipment used to capture this image:

Camera: Nikon F4s
                Lens: Nikor 28-85mm Zoom 
Tripod: Gitzo 320   
 Film: Fuji Velvia 50

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Birds of Prey Nature Photography by Gary D.Tonhouse Tawny Eagle

The goods of the earth are gifts from God. We have a responsibility to care
for these goods as stewards and trustees, not as mere consumers and users.