Aperture Photography Workshops

by Reflective Images 
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The camera captures light .. Our Minds Capture Images

Adobe Photoshop Classes - Beginning and Advanced

Photography is 90% seeing and 10% Photographing.

Helping to create an appreciation .. awareness  and concern 
for our environment through photography and education.
 Looking beyond the obvious ... Looking  from within.

My Nature, Landscape and Zoo Photography Workshops are designed for photographers at all levels who wish to improve their visual literacy.

Nature's diversity offers photographers more than one right answer to every photo opportunity. 

These workshops will show you how to find those moments that make a photograph a work of art, and not just a
The best way to learn is by example, therefore these workshops focus on hands-on learning.

Students in these workshops will learn more by doing than simply being instructed.

If one is not feeling, seeing and touching, it is harder for individuals to reach their highest potential.

I like to emphasize that you do not need elaborate or expensive equipment
for these workshops. Most of the subject matter can be easily photographed using any reasonable equipment, even by a beginner. 
Don't ever feel intimidated by individuals that have expensive camera equipment. 
What matters most is 6 inches behind the camera.
The most valuable assets you will bring to this workshop is 
your imagination,  energy and positive attitude.

All workshops have early morning and late afternoon field trips; space is limited to no more than 6 people.

These workshops are geared toward you the participant. The small class size allows us to focus on each individual's needs. We do photograph during the workshops, to allow students the chance to see what equipment works best for a given situation and for demonstrations.

We will arrange these trips to meet your photographic and educational needs and desires. 
We will  talk with you personally beforehand to determine what exactly you want to get out of your workshop and then plan your time with us accordingly. 

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f you are interested or would like to discuss about your custom workshop. Workshops book up early during prime times of the year. So the sooner you can book your personalized workshop the better. 
Looking forward to photographing the many wonders of nature with you.

Thank you 

Click here see how the Reflective Image Team uses their inner vision
 to capture light and to invoke an emotion in the final image.




Black & White Gallery
Nature Photography by Gary D.Tonhouse Photography Gallery

All workshops are cancelled until further notice!!!

I fell on May 2, 2002 and broke my hip in two places.
The operation to repair the hip went fine. However 25
minutes after the operation in the recovery room, my 
system went into septic shock. 
At that point I was in serious trouble.
Today I am home recovering and all seems to be going well.
It will be sometime before I am able to return to giving my photography workshops.

Please check back often as I will resume these workshops as soon as the doctors release me.

Thank you

As of December 21, 2007
I have still not regained my endurance back.