Photo Restoration

Don't become discouraged if that special photograph has deteriorated (loss of vibrant colors) or has been torn or damaged over the years.
Today's modern technologies can bring life, color and that special feeling back to that photograph.
Please let us know if you would need this special service that can bring back the feelings of the past.

Standard Restoration Package
$65.00. Includes scan, repair, CD and (4) 2x3 prints, (2) 5x7 prints and (1) 8x10 print on a choice of photo papers.

Additional Photo Paper Prints
2x3 prints -     $1.75 each
4x5 prints -     $6.00 each
5x7 prints -     $12.95 each
8x10 prints -   $14.95 each
11x14 prints - $27.95 each

Contact us for other sizes and paper materials.

Additional Services
Repair of excessive damage, hand tinting and colorization of black and white originals is billed at $65.00 per hour and will be quoted for your original before any work begins.
The prices below reflect the typical cost associated with restoring certain types of damaged photographs

Fine Art Giclee Printing Price List
Photo Restoration Order Form:

  1. Print out this ORDER FORM. Please use separate sheet for additional photos submitted.

  2. Fill in the information.

  3. Photos submitted may not be larger than 8"x 10".

  4. Put a number on the back of each photo you are wanting restored and tell me what you would like done with each photograph.( Refer to the Price list below for cost of each restoration.)

  5. Mail to the address provided at the bottom of this page along with your check of money order.   Please allow at least 4 weeks for delivery.  Thank you.

Light Restoration 

Repair one area of photo          $24.00

   Repair two areas of photo        $48.00


Medium Restoration

Repair three areas of photo     $72.00

Repair four areas of photo       $96.00

Repair five areas of photo     $120.00


Heavy Restoration

Repair six areas of photo        $144.00

Repair seven areas of photo   $168.00

Repair eight areas of photo    $192.00

Repair nine areas of photo     $216.00

Repair ten areas of photo       $240.00

Photographs that are submitted for restoration will be returned with (1) 8"x 10", (2) 5"x 7" and (4) 2"x3" inch restored photos.

Please include your preference for original finish or black and white.
____ Original finish        _____ Black & White

Additional prints and enlargements can also be ordered, as well as prints on special medias such as canvas.
Your final restored file will be burned to a CD for future use and preservation.
Please call or write for more information. 

Our success is measured by your satisfaction.
Guaranteed to 100% client satisfaction.
We are committed to forming LONG-LASTING RELATIONSHIPS 
with our clients, not just in getting a product out to make a dollar.

Give us a try and let's start that LONG-LASTING RELATIONSHIP.

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Thank you and have a GREAT DAY!!!!
May the quality of light always be with you.

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