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Nature ... Macro ... Landscape ... Wildlife Photography at its finest.
All photographs throughout this web site have 
been created with the following equipment:

Nikon N90S-The system that can make a difference.

           Nikon Cameras:  
           F4s and N90s.
           Nikon lens: 20 M.M. to 500 M.M.
           1.4 and 2x tele - extenders
           Tripod: Gitzo 320 and Bogen 3038 Head
           Film of Choice:  Fuji Velvia  50 and
           Fuji Provia 100
           Scanning by: Nikon 4000 Coolscan

           Epson Printers & Papers are being used to produce
           all prints from this website.

Fuji Velvia,Gary T's film of CHOICE, Click here for more information and pricing

The systems that can make a difference.

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Photographs with * next to, are photographs that are
in the Iowa Prairies - Splendor in the Grass exhibit.
The thumb nails are examples of the type of photographs that are in the galleries.
You will not view images of Major National Icons in this gallery. 
I believe that there is to much redundancy in photographing these Icons. Enough said.

Landscape Gallery

Wetlands Storm Cloads Broken Kettle Grasslands Gates Pass

Abstract Trees  

Golden Sunrise   

Reed Abstraction  

Abstract Sunrise Trees

Iowa Sunset  

Saylorville Lake Sunrise

Big Creek

Iowa State Capital  

Saylorville Gorge -Flood 1993 

Blue Heron Sun Rise  

Liquid Motion  

Saylorville  Ponding Area  

Des Moines .. Iowa  

Liquid .. Solid 

Shore Line 

Different Point of View

Looking South West  

Spring Brook Stream 

Eagle Point State Park

Muskrat Lodging  

Storm Clouds

Fiery Skies  

New Day


Frozen in Time 

Photo Collage  

Sunrise S.L.  

Wildlife - Woodlands Gallery

Fall Trees.JPG (10358 bytes) Trumpeter.JPG (5276 bytes) Sandhill Cranes.JPG (10324 bytes)

Blue Moon 

Looking beyond the Obvious

Stare Down  

Curious - Female Deer 

Mallard  Hen - Chicks

Snow Geese DeSoto Bend  

Droplet ( Hen mallard)

My Best Side  (Drake Mallard)

Snow Geese - Resting  

Dominance (Trumpeter Swan)

Nature's Patterns

Snow Goose Migration 

Duck Abstract

Our Future (Trumpeter Swan)

Time for Resting (Buck Deer)

Fall Trees -Dubuque Area

Path Way (Pine Trees)

The Grove   

Female Deer

* Pheasant & Beautiful  Sunrise

The Migration (Sand Hill Cranes)

Frosted Oak Tree  


The Silent Hunter ( Owl )

Jester Park Abstract  

Reflection (Trumpeter Swan)

Together for the Holidays

Jester Park (Fog & Pine Trees)

Solitude (Bull Elk)

Wild Turkey

Prairie Gallery

Western Prairie Fringed Orchid    Prairie Rose   
Queen of the Prairie    Yellow Lady Slipper    Rough Blazing Star

* Blazing Star-Sunrise  

* Monarch on Ironweed

* Rough Blazing -Star

* Butter Fly -Pearl Crescent  

Oak Tree - Sunrise

* Spider Wort

Butter Fly Milkweed  

* Pasque Flower

Tiger Swallow Tail on Blue Hearts

Buffalo on Tallgrass Prairie  

* Prairie Rose

Tiger Swallowtail 

* Canada Rye & Sunset

* Purple Fringed Orchid

Twelve-Spot Skimmer  

* Field of Purple Cone Flowers

* Purple Prairie Clover

* What is it?

* House Wren

* Queen of the Prairie

  * Western Prairie Fringed Orchid

* Large Yellow Lady-Slipper

* Reaching to The Heavens

* Wild Four-O'Clocks

The Fragile Giants
Loess Hills of Western Iowa

BrokenKettle.JPG (7863 bytes) Cats Paw.JPG (6321 bytes) Reflection.JPG (6926 bytes) Pathway.JPG (8363 bytes)

Broken Kettle Grasslands  

Fragile Giants  


Broken Kettle Trees 

Full Moon


Broken Kettle Ridge Top

Loess Hill Morning  

Silence is before us  -  Java

Broken Kettle Sunrise  

New Day  

Time For Resting -    Java

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