Loess Hills Photography
Gary D. Tonhouse
Photographs of the Loess Hills Region



Lone Oak Tree Loess Hills 

Loess Hills


Loess Hills of Western Iowa - The Fragile Giants.

Will they become a National Parks Icon or will they disappear 
from the Iowa landscape? Only time will tell. But time could be
running out on this unique land formation.
It is time that we stop the degradation of this unique ecosystem
and go forward with the preservation process of this area.

Lets work together to make the Loess Hills of Iowa a National 
Icon for all to enjoy, experience and to learn about.

For more information on the Geology of this area, Click Here:

Click Here for Senator Charles Grassle article on the Loess Hills

Park Service eyes unusual Iowa preservation plan, 
by Louis Jacobson

Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center is located in the Loess Hills

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The Fragile Giants

1997 - 2003 Gary D.Tonhouse


Dedicated to helping create an appreciation, 
awareness and concern for our environment 
through the  power of photography and education.

Gary D.Tonhouse