Splendor in the Grass
Traveling Educational Prairie Photography Exhibit

Welcome to the Splendor in the Grass Photo Exhibit.
The exhibit made its debut at Taylor Ball's office in April of 1997.
The sponsorship was able to view the exhibit first before it started on its journey
through the state of Iowa. So far, for the year of 1997, 1998 an 1999 the exhibit has traveled some 5000 miles, has been in two U.S.Fish and Wildlife facilities, Grand View College-1997, one Nature Conservancy event at Smulekoff's Furniture in Cedar Rapids, Kirkendall Public Library, Indianola High School, The Principal Financial Group, Lakes Art Center, Plymouth County Historical Museum, University of Northern Iowa Museum, Grand View College-Cowles Communication Center-1999, Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science, Council Bluffs Library, Harlan Community Library  MacFarland Park Nature Center, Mitchell County Conservation Nature Center, Dorthy Peacut Nature Center and now is here at the beautiful City of Grinnell Art Center.

At this time, I would like you to try to envision what Iowa must have been like more than 150 years ago. It's early morning, a low-hanging veil of fog drifts silently over the top of a sea of grasses. The early morning sunrise casts its warm glow on colorful, fragrant flowers as far as the eye and mind can envision. Bobolinks and Meadow Larks greet the early morning glow with their wondrous songs. It's a new day in Iowa. Iowa was once covered with this  scene …Twenty million acres and today only 1/10 of 1 % of those acres remain.  The Tallgrass Prairie Region is, for me, a truly endangered species.

I have been exploring and photographing the Tallgrass Prairies for the past 18 years. This exhibit is my way of giving back to what has given me  much excitement, enjoyment, enthusiasm, and peacefulness…and, has asked for nothing in return. 

My hope for this exhibit is that individuals who view it are more intrigued by the subject of nature than by the photographs themselves. Better yet, I hope that this exhibit arouses an awareness and a concern for our beautiful environment here in Iowa.
This exhibit is not just about
helping to create an Appreciation ... Awareness  an Concern for our Environment through the power of photography and education, but also is about the quality of people that we have here in Iowa. It's about individuals like you who are here today ready this article and who are concerned about our last remaining prairie lands here in Iowa.
It's about individuals and firms like Jack Taylor  from Taylor Construction Group, Chuck Follet from the Kel Welco Stores, Larry and John Pollpetter from Two Rivers Glass, Jim Clark from Clark Glass, Dick Timmerman from
Multi Media Inc., the firm that brought to life what I envisioned on the prairies in these high-quality cibachrome prints. 
It's about Gary Reiners and Didi Sterling from the Nature Conservancy. 
It's about Iowa farm families who have had these prairie lands in their families for generations and have nurtured, protected and preserved them, not asking for anything in return. 
It's about individuals giving back to their communities, their state, and to their environment here in Iowa.


Thank You
Gary D. Tonhouse

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