Abstractions in Nature
Our natural world offers many elements of design,
you only have to look past that which is in front of you and
open your inner most self to discover her many natural wonders.

Blue Eye

9 Rainbow Diamonds

Star Burst

Sunshine Flower

Hour Glass - 40x40 Edition size of 25

Rainbow Propellers

Rainbow Diamonds

Orange Diamonds

Green Forest

The elements of design that are before you
were discovered in the following below photographs.
Nature has to offer many marvelous elements. You only
have to look from within to discover her many natural wonders.


The Abstraction of Nature series will be available in a Limited Edition Series.
Edition size of each print will be limited to 25 prints.
 Prints will range in size from 20" x 30"  to 30" x 40"

Call or e-mail for pricing.
Business Phone:  515 .. 964-7815

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Nature Photography by Gary D.Tonhouse

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